Business Models for Flexible and Sustainable Manufacturing


The INSPIRE project will develop innovative business models for a selection of complementary sectors that will create flexible networks based on intensified processing enabling more local production in Europe and reverse the delocalisation trends. This will be possible thanks to a clear identification of research and business (including SMEs) needs, followed by the deployment of routes (roadmap) and guideline targeting to measure and assess the performance of such novel models under different possible scenarios under a cost effective and sustainable perspective.



21 Aug 2018

Towards completion

The INSPIRE project is near its completion. Before the projects ends, we would like to take a small trip down the memory lane. During nearly two years of project’s existence, the consortium concentrated on creating [...]


07 Aug 2018

First INSPIRE tools available! Business Model Innovation Game

It is almost two years The INSPIRE project is approaching its end date. It has almost been two full years. in this time the consortium made a great progress at helping industries appropriate suitable innovative business [...]


30 Jul 2018

D4.2 – Report on implementation of business models in future scenarios

D4.2: Report on implementation of business models in future scenarios is now available for download! Read about the study performed by INSPIRE partners on behalf of the European Commission for WP4, Task 4.2 of the GA [...]


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