Business Models for Flexible and Sustainable Manufacturing


The INSPIRE project will develop innovative business models for a selection of complementary sectors that will create flexible networks based on intensified processing enabling more local production in Europe and reverse the delocalisation trends. This will be possible thanks to a clear identification of research and business (including SMEs) needs, followed by the deployment of routes (roadmap) and guideline targeting to measure and assess the performance of such novel models under different possible scenarios under a cost effective and sustainable perspective.



20 Sep 2017

2nd Thematic Workshop on November 23rd

During the 2017 EU Process Industry Conference INSPIRE has been rewarded Most Inspiring Presentation. At this conference INSPIRE and A. SPIRE officially announced the 2nd thematic workshop, which will have the theme ‘business models’ and [...]


01 Jul 2017

Five macro forces that impact business models in the production chain

INSPIRE identified five macro trends in the process and manufacturing industries that drive (potential) disruption and significant transformation of business models. These trends are often interacting and reinforcing each other in reshaping the process and [...]


17 May 2017

INSPIRE at the The Impact Workshop on the contractual PPPs

INSPIRE was at the The Impact Workshop on the contractual PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships), in Brussels on May the 17th where three SPIRE projects are showecased. The expected outcome of this event is to increase the possible [...]


11 May 2017

cPPPs Impact Workshop - 17th of May 2017

SPIRE cPPPs Impact Workshop On the 17th of May, the European Commission will organise the yearly Impact Workshop for three contractual Public-Private Partnerships (cPPPs). The aim of this day is to present the impact achieved [...]