Assessment of Relevant Technologies deliverable released

Recently INSPIRE released the Assessment of Relevant Technologies deliverable (D2.1). This deliverable identifies and describes 78 technologies that enable flexibility and relocation in context of the processing and manufacturing industry. The study illustrates that often a technology is complementary to another (e.g. automated process control and electrification) and thus the technology is part of a system set-up. It also draws prerequisites on and affects simultaneously the business model and its supply chain.

Technologies should be considered component rather than standalone

So, technologies are best considered as a component in context of its encompassing technological system, its business model and its supply chain, rather than standalone. In other words, to appreciate the contribution of flexibility enabling technologies concrete scenarios (beyond the conventional supply chain) for the business model are required.

The technologies were analyzed in scope of the INSPIRE Business Model Archetypes: Decentralized or Modular Production; Servitization; Mass Customization; Reuse & Sustainability and the recently added Archetype Emerging Energy Carriers. For each of these archetypes clusters of relevant technologies were composed. The assessment includes the technology’s potential contribution to flexibility (such as location, capacity, production, innovation, feed stock and energy flexibility), business model impact, sustainability and regional impact.

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