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This edition of the INSPIRE newsletter gives you an insight into the outcomes of the Assessment of Relevant Technologies study. You also get to read about the results of the very successful Business Models Innovation Workshop that INSPIRE organised. Make sure to watch the interviews that were made with the consortium during that day, giving an insight into the overall project progress. 

Image: INSPIRE appeared at Dutch TV programme Ondernemend Nederland on RTL7 

Assessment of Relevant Technologies

Recently INSPIRE finished an Assessment of Relevant Technologies study. This study identifies and describes 78 technologies that enable flexibility and relocation in the context of processing and manufacturing industry.

It also highlights the fact that often a technology is complementary and is, thus, a part of a system set-up; the technology draws prerequisites on and affects simultaneously the business model and its supply chain. Read more in the full report which is now available on the website.

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Results of the Business Model Innovation workshop

In November 2017,  an INSPIRE business model innovation workshop was held in Brussels. The goal of this workshop was to redesign the value chain and discuss the required technologies and related flexibility in four sessions.

Each session contained a business model innovation exercise which was designed for a particular business case focusing on a business model archetype. Detailed descriptions of each session and related discussions are available in the report that has been released this week.


INSPIRE interviews

During the Business Model Innovation workshop, all of the consortium partners were interviewed. The interviews provide a clear explanation of the INSPIRE project, its objectives, and expected impact.

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