INSPIRE at the The Impact Workshop on the contractual PPPs

INSPIRE was at the The Impact Workshop on the contractual PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships), in Brussels on May the 17th where three SPIRE projects are showecased. The expected outcome of this event is to increase the possible impact of cPPP projects after the end of the EU funding and to collect evidence on the leverage and impact generated by the cPPPs.

1st part, examples of how results from EC funded projects teach market and have impact on economy and society. What’s the role of business model innovation to make sure Innovations reach optimal distribution and impact?

Cool new technologies to use smart glasses by construction workers on the construction sites real time 3D visualisation support creates almost direct connections between architects and site managers to optimize value chain integration and collaboration, leading to faster and more accurate realization. Clearly a potential  impact on the business models of the building industry.

SPIRE sister project SHAREBOX  foresees a significant business model change in industrial symbiosis by ICT driven sharing of data on resource, energy and waste streams. Will industries be willing to share their data? If so this may be a game changer

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