During the INSPIRE project, a set of tools was developed to help Industrial players and other stakeholders in the value chain, to reevaluate their business model innovation (BMI) strategy and make smart adjustments to maximize results. These tools provide background information on major trends and enabling technologies that may change business models in the process and manufacturing sector. The tools have been built as tailored support for this sector, and complement existing support tools for business model innovation, from ideation to business model design, solutions and assessment of a companies’ fitness for specific business model archetypes that are relevant for the process industry: (1) Modular and decentralised production (from central to distributed” business models), (2) Mass customisation (from “push to pull”), (3) Servitisation (from “product to service”), (4) Re-use, recycle and sustainability (from “linear to circular”) and (5) Emerging Energy Carriers (from “one-directional to open”).

How to use the tools

To make the best use of the tools, we recommend to first read the 1) “Guidelines for Business Model Selection” which explains a business model innovation process, and how INSPIRE tools can be used together with other support tools in the market. Then select the tool that suits you most, depending on the BMI phase you are in; 2) start with the Cambridge Business Model Innovation Framework and plan your BMI, 3) Use INSPIREs Business Model Innovation Game, to design the value chain for a specific business model archetype (using INSPIRE Business Model Archetype Fact Sheets and Technology Dashboards), 4) assess your fitness for a specific Business Model Archetype with the INSPIRE Decision Support and simulation tool, 5) get INSPIRED to design new value propositions using the INSPIRE Value Patters tool.

We have validated the results and tested the tools with several industrial players. On behalf of the INSPIRE partners, we are happy to share the INSPIRE toolbox with everyone interested. You can download the tools for free.

  1. Guidelines for Business Model Selection
  2. Cambridge Business Model Innovation Framework (poster)
  3. Business Model Innovation Game (playing board, playing cards and moderator instructions)
  4. Business Model Decision Support and simulation tools (Excel):
  5. INSPIRE Business Model Archetypes Value Patterns (table)

Background tools and information per BM archetype:

Business Model Archetype assessment surveys

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