The Project

Efficient and sustainable production of high value-added goods is of crucial importance for the European manufacturers to stay in business in today’s fierce competitive environment. The need of adaptation towards a more organised and interlinked supply chains to face the shortened life cycle of products is of grave importance for European manufacturing industries. Thus, it will empower businesses to keep providing high quality products, reducing time to market while minimising production cost. Vertical and horizontal integration among the actors will enable the creation of added-value networked models and value chain

The INSPIRE project, funded in the frame of Horizon 2020 under the topic SPIRE-06-2015 “Business models for flexible and delocalised approaches for intensified processing”, will be focused on developing these new innovative business models for more flexible and sustainable manufacturing value chains providing at the same time a guideline to measure the performance of this novel models under different scenarios. New business model types will also be developed that currently do not exist and for which further investigation with stakeholders in the European arena is required.

The project is a unique initiative that brings together the process industry and discrete manufacturing to support in understanding how these two industries can cooperate in order to shape new customer-driven, efficient and sustainable business models.

What to expect from INSPIRE

Luk Aerts from PNO describes what we can expect from the INSPIRE project in the coming months.

Selected Business Model Archetypes

Mustafa Çagri Gürbüz from ZLC gives a short insight in (selected) Business model archetypes.

Flexibility Enabling Technologies

Frank Berkers of TNO gives us an insight in the flexibility enabling technologies that have been selected during the project.

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