Beyond INSPIRE: more in NEXT-NET

NEXT-NET project is financed under the NMPB programme  (H2020, n.768884), which aims to create a cross-sectoral initiative at European level to increase integration between production and distribution, proposing research and innovation priorities for the future of supply chains.

NEXT-NET studies the market trends that create an urgent need for companies to significantly adapt the way they are organised and interlinked within supply chains (SC). Customisation, climate changes, scarcity of resources, acceleration of the technological development, etc. translate into threats and opportunities for the European manufacturing, distribution and logistics sector and ask for new and reconfigured supply chains and collaboration mechanisms.

Creating a European network on Supply Chain topics, the project reaches a critical mass of relevant stakeholders from process industry, manufacturing, logistics and distribution Identifying future industrial scenarios based on the analysis of trends and their impact on supply chains to develop the European Strategic Research Agenda and action plan for the Supply Chains in 2030.


There are several links between NEXT-NET and INSPIRE given the proximity of the topics and the partners involved in both projects.

The NEXT-NET has provided to INSPIRE the most important macro-scenarios to help the contextualization of the new business models provided by INSPIRE to exogenous changes (political, economic, social, etc). NEXT-NET macro-scenarios helped to create a tool for evaluating the impact of these trends on the influencing factors of the INSPIRE business models.

INSPIRE contributes to the analysis of the current European networks supporting for the first time the integration between process industry and discrete manufacturing, and identify current practices of delocalization, opportunities for and barriers against flexibility/delocalization as well as current practices for joint resource management and industrial symbiosis.

The INSPIRE business models will be a good starting point for the NEXT-NET project since they will give inputs to define how will be the supply chain of the future.

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