INSPIRE at 25th International EurOMA Conference in Budapest, Hungary, 24-26 June 2018

During the conference, the following INSPIRE related paper will be presented:

“The impact of digital evolution on Mass Customization towards industry 4.0: a new transition for supply chains in manufacturing industries”.


  • Enrico Fiorentin
  • Alberto Maria De Crescenzo
  • Irene Marchiori
  • Rosanna Fornasiero

This paper is the result of the work in INSPIRE.

Companies that manage to adopt a successful strategy in the customization field get a double benefit: they increase customers’ willingness to pay more and they manage to make the same customers purchase more products of the same brand. Here are presented the main impacts (positive and negative) at different levels that could come as a result of its implementation. Our study brings some hints to answer some recent open questions about the need for matching the theory based on supply chain evolution among operations management, supply chain management, and procurement areas.

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