Newsletter 6: Report on Future Trends and Innovative Business Models


This edition of the INSPIRE newsletter gives you the possibility to download two important reports containing interesting results that have just been released: The Report on Future Trends and Innovative Business models. Also the results of a joint workshop with the NEXT-NET project are available for download and last but not least we invite you to join us during ACHEMA 2018.

INSPIRE at the workshop: Trends and development paths for the supply chain of the future

Release of Report on Future Trends

This report, which has just been released, shows that different technologies offer an opportunity to enable the development of solutions for several challenges and be able on coping with these issues. In most cases, technologies become part of a solution, encompassing flexibility through

complementary technologies, overarching systems, developing different company business models and enhancing better supply chain structures. Although each solution needs to be tailored or configured to the specific situation, it benefits from the knowledge organized around the different archetypes.

Read the full report

Innovative business models

In this report the business model decision factors that need to be considered by relevant stakeholders before making the decision to employ different business model archetypes are presented. In addition, some challenges that the different archetypes could face are presented, and some solutions are proposed. Download the full report.


Joint Workshop

To bring together a group of experts, industrialists and academics in order to discuss major trends and challenges for the development of future supply chains in the manufacturing, distribution and process industries, a workshop was organised. Read the outcomes here.

ACHEMA 2018 invitation

Following a successful Achema side-event in 2015, Britest, PNO and TNO have been moving forward an agenda to develop industry-proof Business Case and Business Model Innovation tools for flexible and efficient production. We invite you to join us in a dinner workshop on June 12th where we will share our findings and offer you the opportunity to contribute to next steps.

Join us at ACHEMA 2018

Upcoming events

  • ACHEMA 2018 | 11- 14 June 2018 | Frankfurt, Germany
  • IPIC 2018 | 18‐22 June 2018 | Groningen, The Netherland

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