Towards completion

The INSPIRE project is near its completion. Before the projects ends, we would like to take a small trip down the memory lane.

During nearly two years of project’s existence, the consortium concentrated on creating an accessible way for industrial players to improve their business models. The task at stake was approached in three phases and involved many external actors and stakeholders from the industry. All the input gathered from collaborations, meetings, workshops and events had to be combined and translated into understandable and usable materials that could be replicated and implemented by industrial players all over Europe.

The cornerstone of the research and work performed lied in the use of future business models. Phase three of the work has delivered several incremental results that were documented in project reports. One of this reports is D4.2 – Report on implementation of business models in future scenarios.

D4.2 presents a methodology to test the four Business Model archetypes identified along the project under different scenarios (check the D3.2 report for more information). Although a fifth BM archetype, the “Emerging Energy Carriers” BM, was included in D3.2, it was only partially considered. Our experts have concluded that this model is still not mature, which does not allow to judge important factors or challenges. It was also stated that further research is needed on the issues of safety, storage locations, risk analyses, mitigations plan, etc., as defined in D3.2.

These findings are further supported by other work done within the project. Therefore, make sure to check the D4.3 Research needs and D4.4 Guideline for Business models Selection, which are to be published soon.

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